3 Step Easy Skincare Routine For Men

3 Step Easy Skincare Routine For Men

You might be dealing with work stress, relationship challenges, and a lack of time to spend with your family. With so much on your plate you find it hard to maintain a skincare routine. People believe that a skincare routine for men is long. You need to buy expensive products for a youthful glow and follow 10 steps, right? Wrong! You can simplify your skincare routine and have healthy skin. Also, for a routine to stick it must be simple and easy. Mojo Box has a simple solution: a three-step easy skincare routine that you can do daily. Let’s see how.

3 Step Skincare Routine For Men

Face Wash

The first step is getting rid of dirt and oil by washing your face. As you go through the day, your skin gathers gunk and dust. Washing your face is essential for the rest of your routine to work. Think of it as cleaning the surface of the face so that your skincare products can work better. Washing your face is not complicated. You use your choice of face wash product and apply its lather on your wet face. Use circular motions to spread the lather on your face for a minute or so. Rinse it with water and move on to the next step.

Tone Your Skin

Toner is like a reset for your skin. It adjusts the skin’s pH to an optimum one so the skin can regenerate. Also, toner is a nice refreshing touch to your routine and adds moisture to your skin. Choose a suitable toner product and apply it to your face with cotton or simply pat it in. Pat it on like you would pat in your  aftershave. 

Moisturize Your Skin

The final step of this easy skincare routine for men is moisturizing your skin. It’s vital that you moisturize so that our skin is neither  too dry nor too oily. Yes, your skin can become oily too if you apply no moisturizer because your skin will naturally produce more oil to balance the lack of moisture. Thus, the last step is to apply moisturizer and let the skin do the rest of the job.

Bonus Step – Apply Sunscreen

You can use the above skincare routine for men as is or add one more step. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunlight and it’s harmful rays, so you should apply sunscreen if you want to protect your skin. The results of applying sunscreen are slow but have a massive impact on your skin later in life.


Yes, a skincare routine for men need not be complicated. It can be easy and simple to adopt and implement daily. Skincare for men is an essential aspect of grooming, and you shouldn’t compromise on it. At Mojo Box, we believe that you deserve to be pampered and taken care of, and that’s why we have a Men’s Edition Mojo Box made especially for men’s grooming needs. It’s been specially curated with sample size products for men from the best brands in India. Give it a shot!