3 Of The Best Skincare Brands In India

3 Of The Best Skincare Brands In India

A pimple can make us sad very quickly, and it tends to arrive when you have some important event lined up in a few days. Sometimes experimenting with a new brand and a product can cause a breakout too. During such a  time, we understand the importance of using the right products. What we put on our skin matters a lot. We prefer to use products from the best skincare brands in India because we can easily trust them. They have garnered their reputation of being the best in the game over many years. Mojo Box brings to you three of the best skincare brands in India. Are you ready? Here we go!

3 Best Skincare Brands In India You Should Know About

WOW Skin Care

wow skin science

WOW skincare is a brand that was one of the first brands in India to launch products without harmful chemicals in them. Their skincare and haircare ranges have caused quite a stir in the market. Beauty gurus and influencers have nothing but nice things to say about their products. Plus, they bring clean products at a super affordable rate. Wow skincare range is perfect for students and working professionals. It is a brand you should definitely give a go to. Check out our Women Personal Care Mojo Box for two sample products. 


Parachute coconut oil

Coconut oil in India is synonymous with Parachute. But, Parachute is more than hair oil. They have a fantastic line of moisturisers that suit Indian skin. Plus, their years of legacy as one of the best skincare brands in India pushes them to bring only the best to their consumers. If you are a parachute fan and would like to try their Deep Nourish Body Lotion, we have a free sample of it in our Women Personal Care Mojo Box.

The Man Company

the man company- face scrub

Mojo Box certainly doesn’t discriminate and has a brand that caters to men’s skincare products too. The Man Company. They want to make taking care of skin and hair easier for men. The range of their products is targeted towards men and are designed specifically for Indian men. Plus, they don’t use any harmful chemicals in their products, making them the perfect choice for the gentleman of the 21st century. We have a free sample to offer to you in our Men’s Edition Mojo Box if you like what they stand for.



Those were 3 of the top skincare brands in India that are helping you get rid of your skincare problems. And the best part about them? They have loyal customers and years of solid testimonials to back them up. We love them, and that’s why we have skincare products by them in our Mojo Boxes. Why don’t you give these brands a shot? Try their free samples out from our Mojo Boxes, and discover the trove of benefits they offer you. 

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