3 Best Snacks For Children’s Parties

3 Best Snacks For Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are the chance for your kid to socialise and enjoy with their friends. Whether it’s a birthday party or a play-date, organising one is not an easy task. As a parent, you have to accommodate every child and make them feel included while also not blowing up your budget. Don’t even get started on the challenging task of deciding a menu and choosing party snacks. Kids parties have fun games, and often you need to give the winners some snacks. So, you need an extra helping of ready to eat snacks for that too. No worries, we got you! Mojo Box has three snack ideas that your kids and their friends will love. Let’s start!

3 Snacks For Childrens’ Parties

Lotte Choco Pie

Do you remember winning a box of these in school competitions? Guess what? They are still selling this chocolate and marshmallow with tasty goodness. The best thing about these is that they are affordable and easy to handle. Each piece is wrapped in an individual packet, and you don’t need to worry about getting your or the kids’ hands dirty. It’s a  perfect ready to eat snack.

Dairy Milk Lolly

The second item on the list is chocolates. Most kids love chocolate but can’t eat it daily. So, spoil the kids once in a while and let them enjoy these delicious snacks for kids. Similar to Lotte Choco Pie, Dairy Milk Lolly also comes in individual packaging. It will make managing the gifts easier. So, your budget and the taste palette of your child won’t be a hassle with this ready to eat snack.  

Granola Bars

But isn’t there an equally delicious and healthy option? Yes, there is, and it is called a Granola bar. Granola bars are made of dry fruits, nuts, and cereals. It has a lot of protein and is customisable. It is easy and quick to make too, and you can make small or big batches. You may need to wrap it in butter paper to make it manageable, but other than that, it is the perfect snack for parties. It’s sweet and crunchy is a hit amongst the kids. They won’t even realise how healthy this ready to eat snack is. Give it a try.

Tips for a Successful & Mess-Free Party

Nobody likes a messy party, and children are bound to make a mess. You can follow these tips to eliminate mess or handle it ASAP:

  • Keep plenty of napkins, plates, and spoons ready for kids.
  • Asking every kid’s mother for food allergies to avoid a trip to the hospital mid-party.
  • Keep a mop and cleaner handy for accidental spills.
  • The snacks for kids should be easy to consume and preferably ready to eat snacks. 


A children’s party can be a challenge for the parents. But, when you see them enjoying it with their friends, it is well worth it. Let us share a tip to save more money on snacks for kids? The Special Children’s edition Mojo Box. It has the ready to eat snacks mentioned above and more. Plus, you get much more than you pay for, while also trying the uber-cool brands for kids. Visit our website, mojobox.online, for more information and to order snacks online.