Get Free Sample Products in India Home Delivery

Get Free Sample Products in India Home Delivery

We all love buying things for our homes. But, home products can cost an arm and a leg and still not work out for our home needs. But, what if there is a way to get your hands on some free samples? Yes, there is a way, and it’s called a Mojo Box. Keep reading to know what a Mojo Box is and how you can get free samples of useful products for your home.

Steps To Get Free Samples Of Home Products

Mojo Box

Mojo Box sample products

A Mojo Box is a well-curated box with sample size products for various categories. Each box is curated keeping in mind the behaviour and needs of each category so we can deliver the best-suited products. You get samples at a fraction of the cost, so you can try the products out before purchasing the full-size products. The Service Fee you pay covers the cost of curation, handling, transport, warehousing, etc. Isn’t that exciting? You pay a small fee to try products and buy the ones that you absolutely love. Keep reading if you want to get your hands on a Mojo Box.

Step 1: Register On Our Website

Register On Mojobox

The registrations would require your mobile number and an OTP. Once you get an OTP, you can fill in the OTP and fill in your personal details. These details are necessary because we need to contact you regarding the dispatch of your Mojo Box. Preferably, give your Whatsapp number, so you get regular updates about your Mojo Box. So, no more confusion and mystery about your delivery’s status. We will keep you informed!

Step 2: Fill In Your Details To get a match With a Mojo Box

Once you successfully register, you need to complete your profile. You need to honestly answer some of the questions about your lifestyle. Why do we ask these questions? Well, we have no magic to figure out what you like and don’t. So to give you a Mojo Box that feels like a match made in heaven, we ask you questions to see which Mojo Box that suits you.

Step 3: Pay for your Mojo Box

Pay for your Mojo Box

You’re set! We will suggest a few boxes that fit your profile and interests. These Mojo Boxes have products that you can try before you buy them. For example, if you are looking for useful products for home, we will suggest all the Mojo Boxes with the best and most useful products for home. You can choose the one which serves you the best. Place your order and get ready to receive your packet of goodies.

Try Brands Before Buying Them

Yes! It is that easy to get free samples of home care products. And home care products are just one example. We have more free samples for you. But, first, you need to register here to get free samples. If you want to explore different Mojo boxes & Bonus Box, you can check them out here. Happy exploring! 

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