3 Ways Of Getting Free Sample Products In India

Girl thinking about free samples

Who doesn’t love free samples? It doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire or an average person – everybody loves free samples in India. We all want to try something before we buy it. We have many questions in our head. Is the product safe, good, useful for you, etc. It makes perfect sense to get your hands on free samples. Brands understand this and are willing to give free sample products in India. The most well-known example is Netflix, which gave 30-day free trials to new users, and look how it turned out for them and you. But, where do you find free samples? No worries, we’ve got you. Mojo Box brings to you three ways to get free sample products in India. 

3 Ways To Get Free Product Samples In India

Supermarkets – Free Food Sample Products

Supermarkets - Free Food Sample Products

Supermarkets make more money when you buy more. Naturally, they use free samples to give you a taste of a product. But, you have to try most samples in the supermarket and decide whether to buy them or not. So, unfortunately, you can’t bring most samples home. And, samples are only available in big-chain supermarkets. So difficult to access in some  towns and cities. 

Beauty Stores- Free Product Samples

Beauty Products

Remember when Harry Potter goes to buy a wand for the first time. The wand shopkeeper tells him that the wand chooses the wizard and not the other way around. Make-up products work similarly. Beauty products tend to suit only a select few. Buying the wrong product means wasting money on a product you won’t even use. Beauty chains know it and keep samples for their products. Sephora stores are one beauty chain you can visit to get some. Many stories offer a free makeup look to see if the product suits your skin tone or not. Unfortunately, this option is not  widely available in India.  

Online Stores like Mojo Box 

Mojobox online store

Is there no option for people who can’t access supermarkets and beauty chains? We’ve got good news for you! Online stores like Mojo Box help you out. Mojo Box curates boxes for everyone. You choose from a wide variety of boxes and order them whenever you want. The box reaches you without you stepping out of your home. Mojo Box gives you the option to choose brands that suit your needs and body. Check out our collection of boxes here.


Brands want you to try their free samples and discover them. But legit ways to do that are limited. If you love free sample products in India, why not give Mojo Box a shot? You get more for your money’s worth and get to try unique and new free product samples. Each Mojo Box is curated with the best Indian brands for you to try before you buy them in the comfort of your home. That’s one of the coolest deals we’ve ever heard. Head to mojobox.online and get a box full of free sample products in India just for you and your family.

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