4 Indian Cooking Tips For Bachelors

4 Indian Cooking Tips For Bachelors

You’re in your 20s, you live in your apartment and think your life will be like the one shown in Bollywood films. You’ll hang out with your friends every weekend and have a spotless house when you come back tired from work. But life is not like that, right? You have to clean the house, wash dishes, do laundry, and cook food. But your rotis aren’t round or soft, and your curries don’t have that “ghar ka khana” wala feel. You miss your mother’s food and are tired of ordering in everyday. We at Mojo Box get it and have four Indian cooking tips you can use the next time you enter the kitchen. Let’s go! 

Indian Cooking Tips You Need If You Don’t Cook Much

Simplify Spices

Spices are the soul and essence of ghar ka khana. But spices are complicated too and getting them wrong can ruin your cooking too. We have one tip – simplify your spices. You can call your mother and ask for her spices proportions to make food like hers. You can even buy ready-made spice mixes if you don’t want to mess up the proportions. Once you get the spices right, you have almost mastered Indian cooking.

Desi Ghee Makes Everything Taste Better

Desi Ghee

Can you recall the taste of desi ghee laddoos? The rich, aromatic, and earthy flavour is due to the ghee. If you want tastier food, replace refined oil with desi ghee in your kitchen. It costs more but gives a fantastic taste to your food. Plus, desi ghee is made of healthy fats and is a superfood. When you’re getting taste and health from switching just one ingredient, why not do that? 

Softer Rotis

Softer Rotis

Are your rotis hard? You can make your rotis soft by adding an ingredient you already have when making your dough – milk. Milk won’t change the taste of your rotis but will make them soft too. Plus, it will add some much-needed calcium and protein to your diet. Indian cooking can’t get much easier than this. 

Batch Your Ginger Garlic

Ginger Garlic

Ginger-garlic paste is the secret ingredient of most Indian cooking. But, peeling and making it fresh every time you cook is time consuming. Why not create a big batch of it? Simply grind ginger and garlic together and pour them into the ice tray. Keep the ice tray in the fridge and take out one cube each time you make food. It’s that simple!


Indian cooking has many moving parts: spices, herbs, vegetables, oils, etc. But, with simple tweaks, you can make Indian cooking easier and faster. We hope the above four tips help you prepare healthy Indian food recipes so you don’t order in every day. Junk food is convenient and fast, but it’s often unhealthy for you. Consistent consumption of junk food can cause many digestive and nutrient deficiencies. So why not eat home cooked food more often and keep junk food for the occasional dining out. Plus, the less you order in, the more you can save. And, who doesn’t like saving more money.


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