The Only Men’s Grooming Kit In India you Will Need In 2022

The Only Men’s Grooming Kit In India you Will Need In 2022

One Men’s Grooming Kit That Will Change Your Life

The contemporary man is on top of his grooming needs. We want to take steps to maintain our face, hair, and body. But there are so many products in the market, it can confuse anyone. Don’t worry. Mojo Box is working hard for you. We’ve got the best men’s grooming kit in India that you will fall in love with once you try it. It has everything you need to take care of yourself.

Men’s Edition Mojo Box

Men’s Edition Mojo Box

Each Mojo Box is curated keeping in mind a particular customer and their lifestyle. The Men’s edition Mojo Box is designed to suit men and their grooming needs. You get the following seven products:

Wow Skin Science Brightening Vitamin C Face Wash – You need a face wash to clean your face effectively without damaging the skin. WOW’s face wash doesn’t have toxic chemicals and instead uses gentle ingredients to protect your skin in the long term. Plus, the facewash has Vitamin C to give you a fresh look.

The Man Company Charcoal Face Scrub – Our face accumulates dead skin cells that you need to remove using a scrub. The charcoal scrub not only physically exfoliates your face, but the charcoal is effective in absorbing all the impurities on the face and opening up your clogged pores.

Phy Body Wash – Don’t forget your body! Soaps can be too harsh, so we have a body wash instead that cleans your body thoroughly without being harsh on your skin.

Set Wet Matte Hair Wax – You don’t think we missed the hair, do you? We think about everything and have included a hair wax for men who love to style their hair and beard.

Nutriburst Health & Vitality Multivitamin gummies – In the age where all of us need some sort of supplements, we’ve added multivitamin gummies too. They taste good and take care of your health – the best combination ever!

MuscleBlaze Probiotic Muesli (Choco Cranberry) – For men who want to nourish and take care of their gut, we’ve added probiotic muesli to the men’s grooming kit. Now, you can feel good inside and look dashing on the outside.

Axe Signature (Mini Ticket Deo) – Last but not least, we’ve added a pocket-size deo. Perfect for after the gym or the grueling summer season. Perfect for freshening your confidence anytime and anywhere.


Our men’s grooming kit is different from others. Look, we get it that you may like a few men’s grooming products from the kit, and others don’t strike your fancy. Unlike other kits, where you receive full-size products, our kit has sample sizes only.

Thus, you can try the product for a few days and see if it suits you. If it doesn’t, you can move on without feeling guilty. The products you like, you can buy the full size and enjoy them! Yes, it’s that easy. So what are you waiting for? Buy the men’s grooming products from Mojo Box today.