3 Breakfast Recipes In Under 5 Minutes

3 Breakfast Recipes In Under 5 Minutes

Breakfast should be nutritious and delicious. A good, tasty, and healthy plate of food can make the start of your day brighter. Especially for foodies, breakfast decides the mood for the day. A bad one can make the day seem bad and vice versa. Making a good breakfast can take time, and often we don’t have time. We are in a rush to get ready and speed out the door, and sometimes missing breakfast is all we can do to reach our office on time. Well, not anymore. Mojo Box has three breakfast recipes that you can make in under five minutes.

Never Miss Breakfast With These 3 Breakfast Recipes

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Nothing is simpler than making a peanut butter sandwich. A peanut butter sandwich is a much healthier breakfast recipe than a jam sandwich. The protein in the butter will fill you right up. The bread is your carbohydrate source to give you instant energy. Toasting your bread before will add that crispiness which tastes fantastic with the smoothness of the butter. It’s an explosion of taste and textures. You’ll love it. If you’re looking for a free sample, take a look at our Wellness Mojo Box.


Oats porridge is nutritious as it’s healthy. And the best part about this breakfast recipe is that it takes only five minutes to prepare. Mix half a cup of quick oats, two cups of water, and one cup of milk in a pan. You can add honey, jaggery powder, or sugar for the sweetness and cook it on a medium flame for 4 minutes. You’re done. Get ready, clean your room, etc., while they are on the stove to multi-task. But beware, don’t cook it for too long. You can also add fruits and syrup on top of it to give it some extra flavour.

Besan Ka Chilla With Cashew Chutney

The breakfast recipe for besan chilla is literally the easiest to make. You need to make the batter and cook it on your tawa. Add half a cup of besan, chilly powder, salt, turmeric, and hing (or asafoetida) in your mixing bowl. Mix the water in batches to avoid lumps and combine it until a semi-thick batter is ready. Add some oil to the tawa, spread the batter, and cook until both sides are slightly brown. You can batch prepare your cashew chutney by grinding mint, garlic, ginger, coriander, salt, cashews, and water. Enjoy your cashew chutney and besan ka chilla together.


Now, you never have to miss another breakfast ever again with our super quick and healthy Indian breakfast recipes. But wait, there’s more. If you are health conscious and always hunting for new products, we have the perfect Mojo Box full of freebies and goodies. It’s called the Wellness Mojo Box and is made for people who stay on top of their health.