3 Ways To Practice Self-Care As A New Mom

3 Ways To Practice Self-Care As A New Mom

A new mom deals with multiple problems at the same time. You’ve got to take care of your newborn baby, deal with relatives with a smile on your face, and get to grips with changes in your body. Phew! That’s a long list of orders. No wonder new moms need self-care. The irony is that you can’t find the time for it. Don’t worry, new mom! We’ve got your back. Mojo Box brings you a new mom’s guide to self-care and how to prepare a handy-dandy self-care kit. So whether it’s food or personal grooming, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.

3 Things For A New Mom Self Care Kit


Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sweeter things in life (pun intended). Chocolate is a luxury and a great way of indulging yourself. It’s a must in your self care kit. When overwhelmed or stressed, bust some out, relish each bite and watch your blues melt away with the sugar high. 

Take Care Of Your Nutrition

You need to get enough nutrients for your body, and your baby does too. So definitely add multivitamins and/or leafy vegetables to your diet. And if you’re not that hot on the broccoli and spinach, you’ll get multivitamins in many yummy flavours. Plus, carrying them in your purse or in the baby’s diaper bag is convenient too. You can easily add some to your self care kit.

Personal Hygiene

A baby’s hygiene needs all your attention in the first few months. They are totally dependent on you. But that can also mean you end up neglecting your own personal hygiene and personal grooming. Maybe taking hour-long showers isn’t possible, but make sure you squeeze out at least 15 minutes a day for a bath with an aromatic body wash and shampoo.This will relax and rejuvenate you, giving you a fresh burst of energy to face the day. A happy mommy means a happy baby!

The Best Health And Wellness Products For New Mothers In A Mojo Box

We hope these tips in our blog gave you some ideas about a new mom self-care kit for yourself. You can also add skincare, snacks, scented candles, or other personal grooming products in your self-care kit. And if you don’t have the time to browse the market and find all these products, never fear, as Mojo Box will come to your rescue! Check out our Mom and Child Mojo Box. It has self-care products, baby care at-home products, personal grooming products, etc., all in one place (including samples of the lovely products mentioned in the blog above, so you don’t have to individually look for them). Each of these products are from reputed brands, and you can buy the full-size product if you like using it. 

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