If You Resonate With These 5 Things, You Might Be A Foodie

If You Resonate With These 5 Things, You Might Be A Foodie

Meeting friends, dating, weddings, and festivals; food is one thing that’s common in all of these. But just because you’re surrounded by food doesn’t make you a foodie. So what does? Mojo Box reveals five signs that show that you might be a foodie. 

5 Signs You Might Be A Foodie

You Try Different Cafes And Restaurants.

Cafes And Restaurants

We all have favourite restaurants, but a foodie is an adventurous person who likes to try different cuisines and places or in other words, a food connoisseur. So if you like to try Mexican food one day and Thai the next; the neighbourhood cafe in the morning and a fine dining eatery in the evening, you might just be a foodie.

You Spend Most On Food And Are Always Broke.


It’s one thing to try diverse foods, but spending most of your money on eating is another. Does this sound familiar: you wait for your salary to be credited so that you can order food from that new restaurant, and you’re broke by month-end because you “accidentally” ordered so much food? You promise you won’t order so much next time, but you can’t control yourself from ordering or going out (and the loop repeats).

It’s time to face reality: you are a foodie with tiny self-control issues.

Your Instagram Feed Is Full Of Food Pictures.

Food Pictures

Open your Instagram explore page and count how many food videos or pictures there are. If you have more than two images/videos, you are a foodie (sorry, we don’t make the rules). Even your Instagram knows that you love food and shows it to you to entice you every so often.

You Love Free Food

Love Free Food

Is your priority the food and the dessert at a wedding? Do you go to parties for the sole purpose of free food? You hate your ex but you’ll see them again if it means free lunch? Well, if the answer to any (or all) of the above questions is yes, you are a certified foodie.

PS: Do not go out with your ex for free lunch; they are not worth it.

You Are On The Lookout For Health And Wellness Food Products In India.

healthy food

Loving food doesn’t mean you neglect your health. You can be a food connoisseur and a health freak, too. So you’re always looking for healthy snacking options in India. But, everything you see on supermarket shelves or online is either expensive or tastes bad, so you’ve given up. 

But what if there’s another option? Get ready! Mojo Box has come to your rescue!


You may have realized and accepted that you are a foodie. That’s great in many ways. But does that mean you’ll continue to spend all your money on food? Mojo Box’s collection has you covered: our snack box is the perfect healthy and affordable option for a foodie like you. We’re constantly updating our boxes with the latest and newest healthy Indian snacks so that you can try Foodie Box, and satisfy your cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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