Tried & Tested Skincare Products For Women That Actually Work

Tried & Tested Skincare Products For Women That Actually Work

3 Hidden Skincare Products For Women That Work For Real

Don’t you hate buying a skincare product with high hopes and end up frustrated because it just doesn’t work? We get you; we face stuff like this too. After much searching and experimenting, we found three gems. We’re not going to lie; it was trickier than finding a needle in a haystack. But we’re here to report that there are skin care products for women that work like a charm. They’ll make your skin smooth and soft like butter, so without wasting any time, here are three skincare products for women that work.

Body Lotion

Some body lotions promise 100 different things but fail to deliver even one. That’s not the case with the Parachute Body Lotion. We’re all familiar with Parachute coconut oil, and most of us use it at home. Parachute also has a body lotion that has coconut milk’s goodness to nourish and keep your skin hydrated. It’s a lotion that keeps your skin moisturized for long hours, even in winters. It’s one of the must-have skincare products for women and men.

Good Quality Lipsticks

Our lip skin is thin and doesn’t produce oils like the rest of the skin on our body. It’s also much thinner and more delicate. If you don’t apply good quality lipsticks, you run the risk of ruining your lips. Pigmentation and discolouration are two significant issues that can happen. Thus, using good quality lipsticks is a form of skincare too. But isn’t the difference between branded and generic lipsticks just the presence of the brand on the tube and a hike in price? No, that’s not entirely true. There’s a hike in the price because the branded lipsticks use skin safe ingredients. In contrast, the generic ones may add unsafe ingredients to reduce their production cost. So, it’s better to be safe and use high-quality lipsticks than to be sorry.

Body Butter

Our body lotion and butter different from each other? Yes, they are, and the difference is the quantity of an ingredient. Lotions may have shea butter in them, but body butter has a higher amount of shea butter. Shea butter is an emollient and moisturizing ingredient and makes the skin supple and soft. Body butter has a thicker consistency and is perfect for people who have dehydrated skin and require frequent lotion application. So, if you’re someone who has dry and flaky skin, body butter might be the answer to your skin problem.

Explore And Try!

We’ve tested these skincare products for women, but what worked for us might not work for you. So, you should try these products for yourself. Wait, does that mean you need to buy each product from the store? No, you can try a mini size product of each of the above products from our Women Personal Care Special Mojo Box. It’s the perfect way to explore, test, and experiment if a product is for you or not. Head to the link to check out products from the best skincare brands in India.