3 Skincare Tips You Need To Know For Glowing Skin

3 Skincare Tips You Need To Know For Glowing Skin

We want glowing and clear skin when we don’t have a skincare routine in reality. 

Look, things don’t happen if you don’t make it happen. You can’t wish for a chocolate cake to appear in front of you without baking it or ordering it. We wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t (sadly). What you can do is follow a routine and these three tips Mojo Box has in store for you. We’ve made skincare easy and have a secret way of getting free samples for your skincare kit. Read the blog till the end  to find out how you can save tons of money on skincare products.

3 Skincare Tips For The Skin Of Your Dreams

Always Do A Patch Test

You will never know if there is a problem with a product or your skin if you never test the products on a patch. Sometimes a skincare product may even cause rashes. Now, nobody wants that on their face. So be wise, and do a patch test before using the product. Apply the product on a patch of your skin. It can be your elbow or your neck. Wait 24 hours and see if the skincare product has a bad reaction. If it does, then you need to say bye-bye to that product.

Don’t Forget Your Arms And Legs

Don't Forget Your Arms And Legs

Most of us buy heaps of products for our faces but forget our arms and legs. In the summer, you will wear clothes that expose your arms and legs. If you don’t put sunscreen on, they are at risk! We don’t want to say the same things as your mother, but you need to take care of your body in its entirety. You need to moisturise them in winters to avoid dry and flaky skin. You can use a body butter that you can find in our Women Personal Care Mojo Box.

Try Products Before You Buy Them

Try Products Before You Buy Them

Your best friend is gaga over this skincare product, so she urges you to buy it. You buy this expensive big bottle of products, but it doesn’t do anything for you. It can be heartbreaking to throw the product away. 

You wish for a way you could try the product before you buy it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Mojo Box has made it possible for you to try products before you buy them (our customers call us their fairy godmother). Each Mojo Box has tons of samples at an excellent price. 



We get that it can be really overwhelming to follow a routine and have a skincare kit that works for your skin and you. Sometimes you may even love a product, and it stops working for you. So, all that works is continuously trying new skincare products. The costs can add up, and so we started Mojo Box. We have tons of free samples for self-grooming. Our mission is to let customers like you try before you buy beauty products. Check out our Mojo Boxes for yourself! You won’t regret it.