How To Take Care Of Skin: For The Lazy & Busy Millennial

How To Take Care Of Skin: For The Lazy & Busy Millennial

How To Take Care Of Skin As A Busy Millennial

Look, here’s the deal: it’s okay if you’re struggling with keeping it all together. No one told us millennials that life was gonna be this way, and nobody is as happy in real life as they are on their instagram. However, what we do next is definitely in our control. And you can control how you take care of your skin too. If you want to know how to take care of skin without putting in too much effort, this blog is perfect for you. Mojo Box will help you find a routine you can do daily without any hassles. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Identify Your Skin Type

Identify Your Skin Type

Can you study for an exam without a syllabus? We know it’s a ridiculous question because if you don’t see what you’re dealing with, how can you prepare for it? Then why should you adopt a skincare routine without understanding your skin’s needs? Thus, the first step to making skincare easy is identifying your skin type. Primarily, there are four skin types:

Dry: You fall into this category if your face is as dry as the Sahara desert and is flaky. 

Normal: The face is not too dry, not too oily.

Oily: The skin feels like oil reserves of the Middle East and you’re constantly wiping oil from your face. 

Combination: Your cheeks and chins are normal, but your forehead and nose are oily.

Feel your skin and determine which category you fall under.

Keep It Simple

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Your enthusiasm right now is high, but as time passes by, it will fall. In today’s excitement, do not set unreal expectations you can’t fulfill tomorrow. Thus, keep the routine simple. If you can wash your face and moisturize twice every day, it will make a massive improvement. Moreover, once you know your skin type, buy skincare products according to your skin type. Keeping it simple and buying products suitable for you can make a huge difference and doesn’t take much effort from you.

Do It Daily

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You cannot expect to get fit by only going to the gym once. That’s not how it works. You need to put in the work and go to the gym daily, and after a few months, you’ll see significant results. Same goes for skincare too. If you have the products that suit you, using them consistently will show results within one or two weeks. You’ll notice glowing, clear, and soft skin. Thus, consistency is key to getting healthy skin with minimum effort for us busy millennials.

You Made It Through!


Congratulations! You’ve now figured out how to take care of skin while being busy and doing the bare minimum. But, don’t you need to go to the market and explore products? And what if those products don’t work for you? Mojo Box has your back with its range of sample size products for you to try and explore products without wasting money. Now, you can try skincare products before you buy them. We’ve got grooming kits for men and women, so head on over to explore our boxes today! 

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