Top 4 Healthy Tea Snacks That You Need To Buy ASAP

Top 4 Healthy Tea Snacks That You Need To Buy ASAP

Whether it’s a bad break-up or work stress, a good cuppa can heal you bit by bit. And while  tea alone is good, with snacks, it’s even better. Something that doesn’t overpower the flavour of tea, but complements it. But aren’t most tea snacks unhealthy? Nope, and Mojo Box is here to bust this myth. Here are four healthy tea snacks that will elevate your tea-time and tea parties. Stick until the end to know how to get free samples of each and order snacks online.

4 Healthy Tea Snacks For The Perfect Tea Party

Salted And Roasted Almonds

Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Indians have always believed in the power of almonds. But, plain ol’ almonds can get pretty dull and drab. Is there a way to get the benefits and make them delicious? Roasting them!  

They are more delicious when roasted and have a sprinkle of salt. Their salty taste complements the sweetness of the tea. Wondering how you can get a free sample of salted and roasted almonds? Check out our Special Double Mojo Box.

Salted And Roasted Cashews

But, we get that almonds are not everybody’s cup of tea (or the snack for your cup of tea). We have an equally healthy and tasty alternative to roasted almonds. It’s salted and roasted cashews. Cashews pack some impressive amounts of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The roasted and salted version of cashews brings all these benefits to your tea party and more. 

Millet Pancakes

You will love millet pancakes with your tea if you have a sweet tooth. They have the perfect amount of sugar that doesn’t hamper the taste of your tea. But, making pancakes each evening can get pretty tiresome, isn’t it? Well, Mojo Box has your back (like always). We have free samples of millet pancakes in our Special Double Mojo Box. Check it out at least once. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Cadbury Fuse

The new Cadbury Fuse has almonds and peanuts with chocolates. Isn’t that the coolest combination you’ve ever heard? It’s the perfect snack if you missed lunch and want an instant energy boost till dinner. Cadbury is the master of coming out with delicious combinations, and this one doesn’t let you down. If you prefer no sugar in your tea, you will love this tea snack recommendation. And guess what? Cadbury Fuse’s free samples are also available in our Special Double Mojo Box


We found the best snacks that are amazing on their own but fantastic as tea snacks. Mojo Box promised to give you a way to get all these tea snacks as free samples, and we don’t break our promises. You can check out our Special Double Mojo Box that has all these snacks and more (it even has a free sample of tea!). So what are you waiting for? Head to the link and order snacks online.