3 Try-Before-You-Buy Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

3 Try-Before-You-Buy Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

A thousand different blogs are throwing personal grooming tips at you at a speed faster than light. You could try all of the personal grooming tips and see which one works. But, beauty products play a huge part in whether the tip will work. So, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves how to properly try a beauty product? And, if we want to try the product, how do we get free samples? Mojo Box has answers to both of your questions. Here are 3 try-before-you-buy beauty products to add to your personal grooming regime. 

Fem Bleach

Fem bleach is a very common bleach in India. You will find them in beauty salons or at the homes of many women. It’s also an integral part of personal grooming for a wedding. Many women want to try bleach but are scared to do so. Rumours and myths are floating around the internet, which makes them sceptical. So, the first try-before-you-buy beauty product is Fem bleach. You can make it a consistent part of your personal grooming routine if you love the sample.

Maybelline Liquid Lipsticks

Lipsticks are one of those try before you buy beauty products. Since everyone’s skin tone and feel is different, the lipstick that may suit one woman but might not work for another. Buying a tube of lipstick can go to waste if the shade doesn’t flatter you. So, why don’t you pick up a sample of a couple of shades? You can try the different liquid lipstick shades on different occasions and decide whether it is the shade for you. Why suffer through lipsticks that don’t suit you when you can try them before you buy.

Hair Mask

Hair masks are essential for women who have wavy or curly hair. Since the hair needs more moisture, you need to apply a hair mask after every wash. But, the curly girl hair routine is strict on the products you can use. The hair mask from WOW skin science’s range is free of parabens, sulphates, and silicones, so it is CGH approved. 


You can get all of these try before you buy beauty products from Mojo Box. Mojo Box is a box with curated samples from different brands to give you the chance to try the beauty products before you buy them. We charge a minimal service fee for the curation, handling, shipping, warehousing, etc. So, you can try the samples of all the available products at a low price. If you like personal grooming products, you can buy the full-size. If you want the box with the above, try before you buy cosmetics – Fem bleach, Maybelline Liquid Lipstick, and Hair mask. Check out our Women’s Special Mojo Box.