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What is a Mojo Box?

Mojo Box is a specially-curated box of non-competing brand samples for a cohort of consumers to experience in the comfort of their home, share feedback and get more love from the brand in the form of exclusive experiences and offers.

We have different editions of Mojo Boxes – Wellness, Women, Men, Family, Personal Care, Foodies, Party etc.

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What’s in it for the Brand?

What’s in it for the Brand?
How does Mojo Box work

How does Mojo Box work?

We put together brands with similar consumer target audience cohorts (City, SEC, Gender, Age, Occupation, Interest areas etc). All brands together comprise a Mojo Box Edition. We then invite consumers of such a cohort from our registered database to come and order a Mojo Box.

The consumer pays a nominal service fee to get a Mojo Box – this is to ensure that the recipient has an involvement in the program and has a proactive interest and desire for the Mojo Box. Once the Consumer pays, we despatch their Mojo Box to them. Simple.

We also take Pre-delivery & Post-sampling feedback from the consumers, followed up by SMSs & Whatsapp messages inviting the consumer to buy the brands from their websites.

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